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M.2 2242

Cactus M.2 2242 PCIe Series 730P

The Cactus Technologies 730P Series Industrial Grade M.2 (also known as NGFF – Next Generation Form Factor), 2242 (22mm x 42mm) form factor is available in capacities from 8GB to 64GB. It is a solid-state flash memory product with native NVMe interface in a PCI Express Gen3 x2 configuration that is compliant with PCI Express base specifications, ver.3.0 and NVMExpress specifications, ver.1.2.
Based on SLC NAND, it is intended for OEM and Industrial systems requiring the highest reliability over many years of usage in the field. All parts are solid state design with no moving parts and are conformal coated to avoid contamination from the environment. SLC NAND memory provides the highest endurance and reliability in the market.
It incorporates multiple ECC schemes capable of correcting up to 300 bit errors per 4Kbytes. It supports NVMe defined SMART attributes and two I/O queues w/ max. queue depth of 32 each. Support for PCI MSI, MSI-X and Legacy interrupts and ASPM L1.0, L1.1, L1.2 is also included.
The 730P Series M.2 2242 comes with full BOM Control and is built with Stringent Quality Processes.

Model No.
Series 730P
PCIe Gen. 3 x 2
8GB - 64GB
Flash Type
60.000 P/E Cycles
Standard Temperature
0°C +70°C
Extended Temperature
-40°C +85°C
SR: 610MB/s | SW: 365MB/s

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